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FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I pay my premium online or over the phone?
A: Some of our companies accept online payment through various methods.  Some do not.  Use our Company Access Page to link to the company you'd like to check on.  If there is no live link to the company or if you cannot locate the appropriate information, just call our office.

Q: Why do you need so much personal information just to give me an insurance quote?
A: An insurance policy is a LEGAL CONTRACT.  The main objective of that contract is "assumption of risk".  The company is assuming YOUR liability exposures AND protecting your property by also assuming those exposures.  When a company considers insuring someone, they look at a multitude of things, including past claims history, credit scoring (an indicator of one's financial and general responsibility), age, and occupation, just to name a few.  So remember that once you have your policy you have LESS worry since the company has now assumed your risk potential under the contract.
Q: I need Countryway Insurance Company's NAIC number for my registration renewal.  What is it?
A: The NAIC number for Countryway is 10022.  Although listed on your insurance ID card, it's not obvious.  We're working on that.

Q: Who should I call first if I have a claim to report?
A: We prefer you call our office FIRST.  We'll take a bit of preliminary info, provide any relevant advice, then ask you to call your company's claims of-fice directly. This "two-call" method allows us to provide you with any special info, and speeds up the process by eliminating phone-tag.

You are not required to make us your first contact point. but we highly advise that you do.  Also, studies show that claims reported promptly are handled quicker, with less complication and with a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

Q: Why must I give driver information on people living in my household when they do not drive my car?
A: Insurance companies will ALWAYS assume that people MAY drive each others' vehicles when they live in the same household.  This is a given.  In addition, if any individuals outside of the household are regular operators you need to tell your insurance company.  Under most policies there is coverage when ANYONE drives your car with your permission.  Therefore, companies will check driver records on all vehicle operators as part of the underwriting process.  Even though you personally may have an impeccable driving record, the person you let behind the wheel may not, and you might not even know it.  Under current privacy laws, driver information on other household drivers is kept secure and is not shared with ANYONE except the insuring company. 

Q: What is the difference between comprehensive (also know as "other than collision") and collision on auto insurance?

A: Comprehensive, also known as "other than collision", is just that.  It's any covered loss under a policy OTHER THAN COLLISION.  Comprehensive can include but is not limited to such causes of damage as theft, vandalism, storm damage, fire, falling objects, etc.  Comprehensive also covers deer hits and encounters with fowl and any other types of wild animals.  Even though animal losses are really "collisions", since they are many times unavoidable, they are deemed comprehensive type losses.  Glass breakage in most situations is also considered a comprehensive type loss, as long as there was no other accompanying damage.