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Welcome to Brian’s Insurance Blog


Hello Everyone!      

 I’ve started this insurance blog as a way to communicate with existing clients and non-clients, to educate, and share my experiences in the insurance business over the years.   


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Here’s just a partial listing of the types of things I’ll be blogging about:      

  •  Proper insurance planning and execution of that plan  
  •  Insurance pitfalls  
  •  Ways to save AND improve your insurance program  
  •  Insurance humor  
  •  Industry trends and their effect on clients and independent agents  
  •  Role and duties of the independent agent  
  •  Insurance misconceptions  
  •  Claims discussions  
  •  Importance of maintaining insurance  
  •  The privacy and credit scoring issues  
  •  Safety Issues  
  •  Insurance Fraud Issues
  •  Insurance Education 


This is just a small sampling of the subjects I plan to touch on via my periodic blog.  I hope I can provide some helpful insight regarding the complex and often misunderstood industry of insurance, and how it affects you as the end consumer.      



Brian Matthias

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