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For Farmowners Clients: Blanketing vs Specific Listing of Farm Inventories, Equipment and Livestock

Consider blanketing if you are insuring more than $25,000 of farm inventory:   As a more dynamic alternative to specifically listing inventory items on your farmowners policy you may want to consider “blanketing”.  

 When you blanket you must inventory everything on the farm, including livestock owned by you, produce (including hay and straw), supplies, chemicals, and shop tools.  HOWEVER, you can then EXCLUDE anyone or multiple categories from that blanket.  As an example if you don’t want to insure livestock or supplies and chemicals, you can simply add an exclusion for those items to the blanket.  This prevents them from being included in the adjustment process in the event of a claim.    

Advantages of blanketing:  

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Insurance To Value- Preventing Claims Issues

 Hello.  I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable holiday season.  

This month I wanted to touch on the important subject of insuring property “to value”.  In other words, properly insuring dwellings and structures adequately to avoid penalties built into policies when a loss occurs.   In order for the replacement cost provision to trigger in those policies which make it available certain requirements must be met. 

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Parent-Teen Driving Contract… Could It Help?

Hi.  Something’s been heavily on my mind the last couple of months…  As I go about the day-to-day operation of my insurance agency, I’m constantly reminded of it.  

There’s been at least five tragic deaths of teens and young adults in my immediate neighborhood within a short time frame.  I don’t read obits, and hardly have time to pay attention to the headlines, but these serious and deadly accidents have definitely not gone unnoticed.       

You and I know it IS our worst nightmare.  You get the call…  Your child has been killed in an auto accident. 

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