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Don’t Make Me Pull A Judge Judy.

An Insurance Guy Needs The Info!

We want your first born. Seems that way, doesn’t it?

How much information does an insurance company need to insure you?

If you have considered alternatives to your current insurance program lately, you know the answer.

LOTS of info.

Is all of the information requested really necessary? Is it relevant to your situation?

If an agent or company is asking you for a piece of information, then I would say unequivocally, it’s pertinent.

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frivolous rev


Limited Tort In PA: The Common Sense Guide To An Attorney’s Nemesis 

The limited tort option within Pennsylvania personal auto policies?

Dirty, dirty words…

Google “limited tort”, and you will quickly see what I’m talking about.

Limited tort is a bad choice for you and everyone else in the state, according to our legal friends. If you choose the limited tort option over the full tort option you may be made to feel grossly exposed, and not insured properly.

Your tort choice on your policy is a relatively subjective one, even after you are educated on the differences between the two. But despite all the continued legal blogs and writings against the limited option over the past 25 years, it remains a very popular AND effective cost-savings alternative.

Since the limited tort option was made available in Pennsylvania, (July 1990), the pricing differential between full and limited tort has become substantial. Why? Because limited tort works!

It has resulted in significant cost savings for insureds and insurance companies alike. As limited tort came of age, the difference in rates became more and more significant. After many internet searches, there appears to be virtually nothing positive written about limited tort.

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DANGER: Superlatives Ahead!

Those Who Can Get Away With It And Those Who Can’t


 In case you’re a little rusty in vocabulary, here are a few examples of superlatives:

  • Best
  • Cheapest
  • Largest
  • Most Famous
  • Greatest

I really don’t know what possesses a business owner to use these terms in their advertising

Wait. Yes I do! Stupidity. Greed. Ignorance. And a major case of smugness and conceit.

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So What IS Insurance, Anyway? And Is It Really As Fun As It Looks on TV?


We all buy it. We know we need it. But do we really know what it is?

The official definition according to Merriam-Webster dictionary is: “coverage by contract whereby one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee another against loss by a specified contingency or peril”

I know… blah, blah, blah… A talking lizard is much more fun.

Remember it this way: You buy a policy from an insurance company. (And contrary to what many perceive… that policy IS a legal contract). That policy TRANSFERS YOUR RISK FROM YOU TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY- per those pesky little policy terms, of course.

Simply put, it’s purchased protection against the potential calamities of life… and death.

Yeah… blah, blah blah, BLAH BLAH!!! Stay with me…

Even as an agent, I have many days I’d rather be doing things that are a hell of a lot more fun than dealing with insurance.

Is insurance “FUN”? Some TV and radio ads would lead you to believe so. Frankly, I think chomping on shards of broken glass might be more enjoyable.

It really, truly is one of the driest and most boring subjects to discuss over a nice dinner (don’t even try it, especially if it’s your first date). BUT, just like death and taxes, it’s inescapable. At least for most of us. There are a few exceptions, but I don’t want to talk about religion and politics.

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Insure For The Catastrophe



Many times I hear my clients and prospects utter the time worn cliche, “I’m insurance poor”.

I’m not sure EXACTLY what that means, but I have a hunch… I think what they are really saying is this-

“I don’t particularly like insurance, I pay too much for it, and I’d rather spend my money on other things.” Guess what? My sentiments exactly!

But what I do find with many individuals upon further investigation is this– There seems to be a preoccupation with wanting LOW deductibles, and having everything covered to the fullest extent possible. This approach to insuring indeed can lead to the “insurance poor” syndrome, through unnecessarily high premiums.

Say to yourself, “How much can I afford to lose and not be financially devastated to the point where I could not recover, or recover in a reasonably short time frame?”. With this in mind, your thinking will change.

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