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The Matthias Insurance Agency Inc website is NOT an insurance policy, nor is it intended in any way to replace an insurance policy.  The Matthias Insurance Agency Inc website is designed to inform its readers about common insurance issues and to educate in a GENERAL MANNER.  The information on the Matthias Insurance Agency Inc website has been developed assuming state of Pennsylvania, USA legal jurisdiction ONLY, and is not applicable to the jurisdictions of other US states or other countries.  Absence of any information on the Matthias Insurance Agency Inc website shall not be construed as an omission of information by anyone using its services. 

For more information about ACTUAL coverages, OPTIONS available, and for answers to any other questions, contact our office (if you are a Matthias Insurance Agency Inc client, or thinking of becoming one), OR your own agent or company if you are using the Matthias Insurance Agency Inc website as a resource tool.

Any articles written and included herein are the sole opinions and interpretations of the author.  These are opinions only and are not intended to change or modify insurance policies and are not to be considered as providing any legal opinion or service.  The opinions of the author are not intended to represent the consensus of the insurance industry, ANY insurance company or risk community. Any and all information contained in the Matthias Insurance Agency Inc website is not to be construed as an offer to sell or service any kind of insurance product. 

Regarding our referral incentive program (details on our website), a recent change in Pennsylvania insurance law allows agents to provide "nominal" incentives to individuals in exchange for referrals. We reserve the right to limit referral quantities in certain unusual situations at our discretion.


 Effective 01/01/07 Matthias Insurance Agency Inc does not make reminder phone calls to clients who do not pay their premium on a timely basis.

Matthias Insurance Agency Inc WILL NOT be held responsible for difficulties, problems, denied claims, or premium increases stemming from lapses in coverage resulting from non-payment, late payment, or partial/inadequate payment of premium. It is the insured’s complete responsibility to pay his/her premiums in a timely fashion.

To prevent lapses in coverage from unpaid premiums due:

1. Consider automatic payment from a checking or savings account.

2. Visit the company website for a payment/due date schedule. Some companies include a schedule on their invoices.

3. Know when your bills are due, and do not rely on mail delivery.

4. If in doubt about your account or billing status, call our office.