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"Matthias Insurance does a great job of taking care of all my business and personal insurance needs. It's comforting to just be able to call about something - and it's done. I'm a very busy person so it's nice to just be able to call or send an email to a "live" agent."- Les B.


 Talking lizards & cereal boxes?

Nope. Watch the video and be enlightened!

Purchasing a legally binding insurance contract is


We ARE a Trusted Choice Agency!


What We Do FOR YOU, and HOW We Do It:

Purchasing insurance coverage is NOT the same as making a trip to the grocery store. 

Insurance is a legal contract.  It is a legal "assumption of risk" (of YOUR risk, by an insurance company). 

It is NOT a talking cereal box or messages conveyed through talking lizards.

Unfortunately insurance HAS been "dumbed down" to a commodity akin to something one simply pulls off a grocery store shelf, based pretty much on price alone. 

If you are interested in educating yourself about WHAT you are purchasing, WHY you are purchasing it, and HOW it benefits you, then by all means, let's have a conversation! Price is only one aspect of what insurance is all about.


  • LISTEN to your needs and concerns
  • EVALUATE your current situation and insurance program
  • Attempt to UNDERSTAND those issues
  • EDUCATE you about your program, where you are, and where you need to be
  • SEARCH all of our available markets for your solutions
  • ASSIST in making a positive change to your insurance program
  • And ultimately, PROTECT you with coverages that are suitable and affordable



Your life is busy.  Our aim is to provide complete convenience, without sacrificing thoroughness. 

Our business is conducted through face-to-face contact, correspondence, the internet, and phone.

With this mobile strategy we don't tether to a brick-and-mortar office.  However we are more than happy to visit ANY CLIENT at ANY TIME.  We are always available!

We stick with what we know best.  Our goal is to educate our clients so they are informed, have a reasonable expectation of what their insurance program can and cannot do for them, and to create it at an affordable cost.

It sounds simple, but it IS in may cases QUITE a challenge.  But that is what drives us every day to help another insured.

There is SO much more than DOLLAR COST to an insurance program.  As the old cliche goes, "cheapest is not always the best".

Of Note:

  • Own a drone?  In most cases, the now are required to be registered with the Feds.  Go here for more information about the requirements and how to register. And check out this great article for Do's, Don'ts, Responsibilites of drone ownership:  Safety First
  • Existing Clients- Need an account review via phone or a personal visit? Give us a call to discuss your insurance program.
  • Recently married?  Had a baby?  Bought a house?  If so, you need life insurance.  With access to over 20 of the top companies we can help solve your needs.
  • Think buying your insurance on the internet is in your best interests?  Guess again.  See our feature article in our latest newsletter.
  • Have insurance questions?  WE HAVE ANSWERS!

Volumes 1 through 12 of our Annual Newsletter are available in our LIBRARY 


Featured Blog:  Limited Tort In PA: The Common Sense Guide To An Attorney’s Nemesis

See our upcoming local events on Alignable!  



Insuring CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture Farms) is our Specialty...


 Company Claims Phone Numbers 

  • Agency Insurance Company- 800-841-5241
  • American Modern-  800-375-2075
  • Countryway-  800-828-6862 (8-4:30 M-F)
  • Countryway-  888-223-3649 (After hours claims)
  • Foremost-   800-527-3907
  • Hagerty-    800-922-4050
  • Infinity-   800-334-1661
  • Progressive-   800-925-2886
  • Safeco-   800-332-3226














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    Matthias Insurance Agency Inc

  • 1710 MacArthur Rd, Box 309, Whitehall, PA  18052-5734
  • PA Phone  610-443-3200 OR
  • 1-877-GO-TO-MIA  (1-877-468-6642)  toll free
  • Fax  866-255-6870  toll free
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Operating Hours Including Online Chat:  M-F   9 am - 5 pm or by appointment


WORTH REPEATING:  We are an internet-based agency. We do not maintain a brick-and-mortar office. Working from our residences allows us to be much more efficient, with less distractions, and even more accessible!

However, we understand the need for personal face-to-face contact when the situation merits.  We are more than happy to meet with ANY prospective client or existing client by pre-arrangement. 

We normally meet a prospect or client at their residence or farm, OR a mutually convenient location, if a property inspection is not required.  We know your time is valuable and want to make your insurance purchasing experience as EASY and SIMPLE as possible!

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Think about it...  Insurance fraud ultimately costs ALL of us more money.  It's that simple.  Go to HelpStopFraud.org to find out more.



 TIP:  Package It UP!- Insure your home/farm along with either your personal auto or farm truck policy and receive package discounts up to 15%. EASY!!!



Insurance Blog- Periodic articles on everything from managing your insurance program to insurance industry trends and their effect on you as an insurance consumer. 

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